Exchange ervaringen

Malou in Limerick


Hia, I guess this is it… The most amazing 4 months of my life have flown by sooo quick. I cannot believe that I’ve been home for a month already. I moved back to Utrecht last week and I am currently studying for my statistics exam which is in a week time. The grades from…

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Life in Ireland

Hi ye, So it has been a very long time since I wrote a post on here. And I’m already halfway through the semester and everything is all going by so fast, it is crazy! The semester is in full swing and I am currently working on my assignments which are due in a couple…

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Introduction in Ireland

Hi guys! So I’ve moved to Ireland, which is the craziest and most amazing thing I’ve ever done. Therefore it is time for an update. I’ve been in Ireland for exactly a week now and so far it has been AMAZING. I already met a lot of other international students, since we have a welcoming…

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Preparing for Limerick!

Hi dear readers, Welcome to my first ever blogpost about my upcoming adventure studying abroad. My name is Malou Roestenburg and I’m 23 years old. At the end of august I will set off to study at Limerick University in Ireland, my major there will be psychology. At Utrecht University I’m not a psychology student,…

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